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The Cleanest Service begins with our pledge to renew, refresh and revitalize your home or commercial business without the need to use any caustic synthetic products.

When you choose any of our Green Team Centers, you'll be joining an entire eco-friendly trend sweeping the Nation. From high rise to office, our services are completely adaptable to your environment and all in and around them.

Proud to provide our complete line of services to the Boston and backed by our “x” number of years of experience, we have grown to service multiple cities, villages and towns. Call your Certified Green Pros now at 866-805-1976.

What Makes Going Green So Different From Any Other Home Cleaning Company?

For complete overall value, cleanliness, efficiency and range of services, Certified Green Team is leading the way to global awareness while doing our part to contribute to an environmentally sound Nation, one clean at a time. Take a look at some of what we can do for you with our ECO safe services and discover why we are more than just a carpet and upholstery cleaner.

  • Hands on detail with all spot removal, stain treatment, vents and duct cleaning.
  • Precise and safe chimney sweeping.
  • Each customer given complete attention with no long wait time.
  • Homes, Commercial property, rental clean ups, after storm disaster services and more.

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Looking For A Specific Service?

See what your local Green Team can do for you:

Carpets, Rugs and Runners

From wall to wall, low pile, synthetic or silk, you can be assured your Green quality technician is meticulously trained and in field certified to handle whatever your floors have left underfoot. Armed with leading edge industry mandated equipment and attachments, a deep down clean is more than just a shampoo. Ultra pressurized steam heat extraction reaches where no other carpet cleaning action has gone before leaving you with near 100 percent walk on time within an hour.


Stains, odors and grease can dig down deep into your furniture as well especially if left untreated after an accidental spill or put aside maintenance. For every fabric that covers your furniture, there is a Green Team solution that will solve your sofa woes or armchair worry. Even the finest leather or antique brocade will benefit from the professional hands on approach to renewal, revival and overall hygienic and invigorating finish.

Mattresses and More

Every mattress is a breeding pool for germs and microorganisms every single day . Green Team not only removes visible stains and normal wear and tear dirt from your bed, futon, or sleeper sofa, they also have the deep extraction method to greatly reduce allergies, pollen and any other bronchial problems stemming from illness, recovery, pet irritants and overall dust.

Tile and Floor Steaming

Tile countertops, backsplaces, bathroom basins or even tub and shower surrounds and glass doors will, overtime, show signs of cloudiness, specks of black mold and other hidden issues. Wood and tile floors lose luster after time and pick up a filmy grime that even a hot mop can’t get down to. A deep steam blast cleaning from your Green Team will put the gleam back where it belongs without the need for fumes of caustic materials, waxes or other harmful agents.

Ducts, Dryer Vents and Chimneys

For the overall safety of your home, your loved ones and surrounding neighbors, your responsible choice is to book a vent and duct cleaning at least twice a year. Dryer fires claim thousands of homes and lives annually while clogged exterior vent ports create repair nightmare issues of their own if gone left unrepaired or cleaned. A chimney flu fire can smolder internally for hours unnoticed and destroy entire homes when met with just the right external breeze or creosote incendiary updraft or blockage. Don’t take a chance with your life.

Naturally Disaster and Hazardous Clean Up

When nature strikes, sometimes the after effects leave you in search of the safe way to strike back. Don’t get bogged down in a contaminated clean up, broken pipe flood or sewage back up. Your Certified Green Team doesn't just stick to sunny days and general upkeep of your home cleaning. They are true soldiers who get down and dirty when others won’t do the job. Green commitment goes beyond the routine. Day or night, emergency service is right at your fingertip when you call upon your professionals at any CGT location nationwide.

Call: 866-805-1976

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Call: 866-805-1976

We Commit to Complete Global Greening with Our Cleaning

This simple philosophy is our mandate for the future and the future is now.

We're Genuine & Compassionate

We are your compassionate cleaners: Especially during the trauma of an unexpected flood, storm or contaminated home clean up issue, we will stand beside you and give you not just peace of mind but return your home and prized possessions back to their true beauty whenever possible. We always do more than the best offered by the rest.

Passion for our clients

We are your home care cleanup specialists and when you choose any of our services, we guarantee that our focus is on you and your faith in our ability. You chose us to be your team and we will step up and rise above the rest. We not only treat you the Green way, we treat you like gold.

Honesty & Integrity

We are your committed cleaners and along with our entire professional credentials lists, equipment and materials and completely trained, licensed team of field experts, you can trust us in your home, your cottage or business whether you are on the premises during our service call or not. We also consider your neighbors and surrounding area and ensure that we do not impede or intrude on their privacy or property. Our complete clean up after your service upon our departure, you can rely on us to make sure your home is secure.

Drive for Results, with unparalleled service

We are driven by our need to make sure you come back to us time and time again for all of your cleaning. We reward our relationship with discounts, special coupons and deals that only you, our Green Team client deserves. Become one of our nationwide gold stars by always choosing the CGT near you.

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