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Area Rugs; Don’t Replace Them, Renew Them.

Less expensive than an entire room of quality carpeting, area rugs are a trending style that can change entirely when you choose. Super for seasonal swap outs, themed specific for furniture choices, easily transportable, interior/exterior choices and a great alternative for allergy sufferers

Area rugs and carpet runners are a breeze to clean when you use the services provided by a Certified Green Team technician. From high powered pre clean vacuuming to loosen every fiber to pre treating trouble spots and traffic stains, area rugs truly come back to life with the enviro steam cleaning and deep down shampooing that area rugs require.

Even the finest silks, wool and tapestry Oriental and Asian area rugs are treated with their own processes designed for ultimate service. Ask about this process when trusting your heirloom to our broadloom specialist.

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