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Carpet Cleaning The Green Way

We all know the general feeling of a clean carpet and how the results can truly affect our mood; after all, a spring or fall cleaning of your carpets brings with it fresh smelling, stain free and super plush renewed pile underfoot. It just makes us happy. The proverbial breath of fresh air. The unseen benefits support the “ breath of fresh air “ theory and are tirelessly devoted to providing you with incredibly healthy results as well.

With a carpet cleaning service from your Certified Green Team, now you, your family, pets and guests can admire the results and relax knowing that a professional cleaning will:

  1. Improve the air quality by eliminating not only dirt but pollen, dust particles, pet dander, human skin follicles, mites and other breeding insect larvae, signs of mold spores or any potential trouble spots for it’s growth.
  2. Improve everyday breathing comfort for those suffering with allergies, upper respiratory issues or immuno-deficient individuals.
  3. Extend the life of your carpets and underflooring.
  4. Get deeper down that a rental machine to eradicate the source of long term lingering cooking, smoke and pet odors.
  5. Commercial work spaces show improved moral when working in a superiorly cleaned environment.
  6. Real estate and rental success benefit from top looking and feeling carpets.

Quick to respond, reliable, organically friendly and professionally diligent carpet cleaning from Certified Green Team makes your place a healthy home; where everyone benefits.

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