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Upholstery Cleaning for the Material World

Every fabric has it’s own specific material and fiber core from color and durability to underpadding, stuffing and either natural or synthetic make up which is why you should be entrusting stains, restorations, and industry standard cleaning of all of your upholstered pieces to your Certified Green Team.

While there are so many DIY “remedies” for cleaning your own stains on upholstery, sometimes it is necessary to stop any initial damage when it happens; a drink spill, pet accident or fresh muddy footprint, but these measures should be considered as temporary until you can call in the Green Team to the rescue.

We use only the specified factory cleanser agents for each type of upholstery fabric, from cottons and microfiber to leather and suedes while also taking into consideration the inner core as well. With super speedy dry time, you’ll be back to lounging before you know it and enjoying the comfort, cleanliness and protected finish of all your upholstery.

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