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Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Prevents More Than Lint Build-Up

**According to the National Fire Protection Association, approximately 3,000 dryers catch fire each year. About one-third of those fires are caused by failing to clean your clothes dryer, leading to clogged dryer vents. These fires cause an estimated $238 million in property damage yearly.**

Only you can detect the warning signs of an imminent possibility of a catastrophe and resolve the problem before it gets hotter.

Certified Green Team not only takes care of your entire steam cleaning services, but we also look after your safety and that of your family and home. Should you detect any of the following, don't wait another day.

  1. Drying times become slower & slower.
  2. Extremely hot dryer and clothes.
  3. Check filter light is on.
  4. Your dryer vent exterior exhaust flap has trouble opening or is visibly clogged.
  5. Your lint trap is difficult to remove.
  6. There are pieces of lint scattered around the location of the dryer.

Contact us, and our professional vent cleaning technicians will be on site quickly with all the industry-mandated safety tools and equipment to stop disaster before it happens.

A professional dryer vent cleaning service can also help to reduce your energy costs. When the dryer works harder due to a clogged vent, it can use more energy and increase energy bills. This is just another reason to choose professional dryer vent cleaning. Certified Green Team has the services you require. Guaranteed.

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